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Miss Eco International 2018 to be held on April 28, 2018 in Egypt

The biggest beauty pageant in the Middle East will happen on April 28, 2018 in Cairo, Egypt!
Around 40 candidates will be vying for the Miss Eco International 2018 title which aims to make awareness through the theme of Economy & Environment.  The pageant will run from April 10-28 visiting beautiful sceneries in Egypt.

This year's Miss Eco International will be giving the chance to everyone to vote for the queen to be crowned.  Your vote can help determine the next woman to be crowned Miss Eco International 2018.

According to their website, Miss ECO is an international beauty pageant founded by LTCP-UN project. The main objective of the contest is to market Eco-tourism all over the world and promote the principle of agreement that we will save our planet environmentally. They judge delegates on many levels such as the interviews, where independent judges ask questions to determine their views in Life - society and their role in it - the role of women in the impact of the economy and environment and how she plans to continue to make a difference, regardless of the results of the competition.

Amber Bernachi of Canada will crown her successor at the end of the event. The Philippines will be fielding Cynthia Thomalla, 23-year-old Tourism Management graduate from the University of Cebu, in the said competition.

Amber Bernachi (Image by Miss Eco International)

Cynthia Thomalla (Image by Chester Chua Veloso)

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