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“WARRIOR OF ORANGUTAN” | Miss Universe Indonesia 2017 Bunga Jelitha's National Costume

“WARRIOR OF ORANGUTAN” | Miss Indonesia @bungajelitha21 Bunga Jelitha’s National Costume for #MissUniverse2017.
@garudapageants (Google translated): Indonesia is a country with abundant natural wealth with the second largest forests after brazil scattered on the island of Borneo. The existence of this forest makes Indonesia the lungs of the world. But the high level of irresponsible human activities, causing forests in Borneo damaged that impact on the decline of wildlife habitat, especially Orang Utan. Orang Utans are endemic animals protected by countries with near-extinction status. This is due to the declining population of Orang Utans, which until now recorded as many as 104,700 tails.
The inspired costumes of war knight shirts are made from environmentally friendly recycled paper materials which are then resembled woven rattan, emblazoned by Kalimantan ornaments that symbolize the robustness and fighters to protect orangutans from the forests of Borneo. Jewelry in the head symbolizes the customary power of the Dayak tribe in Kalimantan who live in harmony with nature and forest. The details of orangutan face on the back of the head mean that they need human help and protection to survive by not damaging their habitat in the forest.

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