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Miss Universe Cambodia 2017 National Costume

The National Costume of Miss Cambodia depicts the Mohahang Baphoun.
Mohahang which is the name of a sacred golden bird, representing the wealth of gold, diamond, Keokong Pitour Sourykan (accessories) or currencies that everyone desires.
Baphoun is the name of famous Khmer temple that was built in the Mid-11th century as the state temple of King Udayadityyavarman II. The design of the skirt was inspired by the Tep Apsara (angel) of this temple which was made more contemporary.
The Baphoun temple was originally known as Krapuu Junaniki temple, meaning the three realms of the world (heaven, earth, hell). Built in the 11th Century during the reign if King Tep Varman II and was dedicated to Hinduism.
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