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Miss Philippines Kathleen Paton wins Miss Teen International 2017

IMAGES Kathleen Paton Facebook and  Choy Libres Symes 

Fil-Australian Kathleen Paton, who was born in the beautiful island of Boracay, was crowned Miss Teen International 2017. The coronation night was held on September 23 at the Playhouse Theater Suan Lum Night Bazaar Hotel. Meanwhile, Mister Teen Serbia was named as the Mr. Teen International 2017 winner. Kathleen represented the Visayas region in the competition.

As posted on their official Facebook, Miss/Mister Teen International pageant was created as they believe that all Teens have hidden talent that was yet to be discovered and believe that each teen from around the globe is able to shine in International stage. Miss/Mister Teen International pageant also promote Beauty, Friendship, and culture.

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Full Results : 
Miss Teen International 2017- Philippines Visayas)
1st Runner-Up - Brazil 
2nd Runner-Up - USA
Top 7: Philippines (Manila), India, Taiwan, and Sydney-Australia

Mister Teen International 2017- Serbia 
1st Runner-Up - Puerto Rico 
2nd Runner-Up - Thailand (Bangkok)
Top 8: India (Mysore), Indonesia, Myanmar (Yangon), Sri Lanka (Colombo), Hungary

Special Awards
Mister Teen Photogenic - Hungary
Miss Teen Photogenic - Brazil
Mister Teen Charming - Nepal
Miss Teen Charming - Philippines (Visayas)

IMAGE Miss Teen International Facebook

IMAGE Mister Teen International Facebook

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