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Tabby Tabish is Mister International INDIA 2017

Tabby Tabish won Mister International India 2017 at the crowning event of Rubaru Mr. India 2017 pageant.  Tabby will represent India in the next edition of Mister International.

Here are complete list of winners of Rubaru Mr. India 2017:
Mister International India 2017: Tabby Tabish
Mister Global India 2017: Srikant Dwivedi
Mister Model International India 2017: Mohot Sharma
Mister Universal Ambassador India 2017: Rohit Jakhar
Mister Tourism World India 2017: Kunal Arora
Mister Grand International India 2017: Debojit Bhattacharya
Mister United Continents India 2017: Mitendra Singh

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