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Mister Grand International : New International Male Pageant

Another international male pageant will rise soon, The Mister Grand International!

Here's more info about the pageant according in their facebook page :

One of the newest international male pageant in the world and its first debut will be held in 2017 at the City of Laoag, in Ilocos Norte, Philippines. Mister Grand International will have its identity as a pageant for humanitarian cause. This pageant will be full of activities such as Photo Shoot, Formal Interview, Swimwear Competition, Formal Wear, National Costume Parade, Speech Competition, and the main highlight, "advocating human welfare" that would mainly focus on each of the candidate's advocacy in any humanitarian efforts.

Compassion and Humanitarianism are the main slogan for this pageant . The winner must have a good will, and a good heart to do its share in human welfare. The winner will be based in the Philippines for one year and will visit a lot of countries for his international trip.

Franchise Available now! 

The first edition of MISTER GRAND INTERNATIONAL will happen in Laoag, Ilocos Norte, Philippines from September 28-October 8, 2017. Over 30 hunks from around the world are expected to compete. Be Mister Grand International Country Director, email them  at

These are some of the countries confirmed in Mister Grand International 2017:

Message from the President of Mister Grand International: 

Dear National Directors,
I am please to announce this contest which will be one of the most endearing pageants for men in 2017. As for the information, here are the brief descriptions of Mister Grand International:
1. Mister Grand International is a pageant for men in the world that mainly focus on its thrust, as the agent for humanitarian causes to the mankind of today. All segments will make this contest very challenging and entertaining, because it combines education, entertainment, and compassion into one umbrella. The main objective of this contest is to produce a winner with high morale, in the affairs of social reform and human welfare. As citizens of the world, it is high time that we take the lead in helping each other.
2. This contest has two main concepts namely: Charismatic, and Compassion. The winner of this contest must meet two criteria. CHARISMATIC man should be charming and have a good mindset and able to respond in issues facing human welfare and social reforms. COMPASSION means a winner must have the soul of humanity to assist and help our fellow human beings.
3. The first edition will be held to the most progressive province from the North of the Philippines and the home of the great leaders, Ilocos Norte. All contestants from around the world will be fetched at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport. The contest will have the concept ranging from the opening activity, until the finals night. Almost all of the pageant activities will be held in Laoag City, the capital of Ilocos Norte.
4. Some very interesting sessions of this event are photo shoots in different places, formal wear, swim wear, national costume parade, speech competition, talent show, and the main highlight, "advocating human welfare" will be a special segment as each of the candidate will showcase their respective advocacy for humanity.
5. The winner of this contest will stay in an exclusive apartment in Manila during his reign and will undergo several sessions, such as photo shoots, ramp modelling, fashion shows, TV commercials, speaking engagements, corporate visits, and humanitarian activities from the Philippines and from our partners around the world.
6. To be able to send candidate in this contest, each national director /organization /foundation /talent agency/ company / agencies must pay a license fee. For more details, kindly email our secretariat at

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