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AUSTRALIA Bids To Host 2017's Miss Universe Pageant

There are possibilities, according to business tycoon Chavit Singson, that the Philippines might host again the Miss Universe pageant next year.
But after the Philippines' successful hosting of the Miss Universe 2016 pageant, the cities of Australia: Melbourne and Perth could be on the world stage much sooner after a bid to host the  Miss Universe 2017 and 2018.

In a report by Herald Sun:

The newly appointed director of Miss Universe Australia Troy Barbagallo has confirmed to the Herald Sun that an official bid to host the international final in 2017 and 2018 has been placed with the international owner of the beauty pageant, IMG.

“I have already put in a bid on behalf of Australia to host the international final back-to-back in both 2017 and 2018 and they have shown a lot of interest in us,” the Perth businessman said.

“Australia is on their target, so now it will just come down to which state government we can get support from, and Victoria is high on our list,” he said.

Mr Barbagallo said that Miss Universe, the second most watched event in the world after the World Cup, with over 1 billion viewers, offers a great return on investment.
“The cost of putting on an event like the Grand Prix or the Olympics, in terms of infrastructure, is massive compared to Miss Universe and yet you get similar exposure to the world.”

Excerpts of the news article from Yahoo Australia:

In a coup for local tourism, Pink Tank Events chief executive Troy Barbagallo is working to bring both the national and international finals of the world beauty pageant to WA. Barbagallo, who has owned the rights to the WA arm of the Miss Universe competition for eight years, has been named national director of the prestigious competition, and on top of his list is ensuring the Australian and international finals come to his home town.
“The national final will rotate so potentially it will be in Perth this year or next,” he toldAAA . “We’ve also been given the rights to host the world final in Perth in 2017 or 2018. That’s massive for WA.”

The last time Australia hosted the pageant was over 37 years ago in 1979 in Perth. Maritza Sayalero of Venezuela was crowned that year. The moment after Maritza was crowned, the stage collapsed. Some members of the press and 20 candidates fell on the hole but two of them, Misses Malta (Dian Borg Bartolo) and Turkey (Fusin Tahire Dermitan) had a concussion and badly bruised. There were also reports that some candidates experienced discrimination.

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