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Miss World 2016 | In-Depth Fan Review

Reposted from Coco Alinsug ( Critical Beauty)

1.) The moment I entered the venue and saw the stage, the first thing that came into my mind was "Is this Miss Universe"? the stage, the crowd, the design is reminiscing of Las Vegas version of Miss Universe 2015.

2.) The Opening number with the girls dancing to Fifth Harmony's That's My Girl is an imitation of this year's Miss Earth with the same music and energy.

3.) The most fans in the venue came from Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Venezuela, USA, Thailand, Italy (surprisingly), and of course the Filipinos. (Tne Mexican fans were still shouting Mexico even after she was not called in the Top 20. Reminiscent of Miss Universe 1993 LOL)

4.) There's tons of empty seats specially in the lower section of the hall. I saw somebody falling asleep during the pageant (reminiscent of Miss World pageant held in China years ago where somebody caught sleeping and almost feel off his seat LOL), too bad I failed to take a photo since the staff there are very strict with people taking videos blah blah
5.) I left my seat briefly because I have to look for that damn souvenir program which Jodie Arabella Daimba wants me to get for her, I searched everywhere, and even asked some of the staff there to help me find one, I almost called the US National Guard to help me look for one but Miss World is so disorganized.

6.) The format this year is waaaaayyyyy better than the previous years. When Miss Mongolia was announced as Miss Talent, one supporter of Miss Bahamas said "When does changing of clothes became a talent?"

7.) On live stage Miss Philippines, Kenya, Brazil and France are STUNNING on stage. OMG Philippines deserves all the hype, while Indonesia OMG no comment but the gown is ugly, the hair she looks like she's going to do her laundry in the nearest river. Miss Rom. Rep looks better in her Miss Universe days, while Puerto Rico look is soooooo Ivian Sarcos (maybe Julia likes that look)

8.) The Final 5 Q and A, Philippines got the most applause maybe because there's tons of us Pinoys there but you guys saw it too, she clearly aced her question together with Miss Kenya (the two of them gave the best answer among the 5 and they answered it confidently, smoothly with not hint of nervousness or stuttering)

9.) Before the announcement, everybody, as in EVERYBODY thought Miss Philippines is secured for the crown, people are just talking about who will be her 2nd, 3rd, etc etc. Even the supporters from other countries are also saying Philippines will be the winner.

10.) When Julia announced Indonesia as 2nd Runner-Up, people were shocked and some are scratching their heads and when Puerto Rico was announced as the winner, we were all stunned, including family members and supporters of other girls. A group of family members of Miss England were upset and even apologizes to us, they were shocked. I heard other people booing.

11.) .....I have to leave the theater, it was weird to be there, the feel was so negative and people wants answers.

12.) It was a sad Miss World this year, not sad for the fans of Miss Puerto Rico which I personally like and happy for her and for her countrymen. My friend Francisco who is Puerto Rican keep teasing me the whole night and making funny faces to me which I don't care since I did that to him last year too when Pia won Miss Universe LOL.

13.) .....but the big question is Indonesia's inclusion to whatever she can be highlighted at Miss World. Like what I told Miskun, another friend who is indonesian, I have no problem seeing a Miss Indonesia win a major title as long as she is deserving and clearly stunning, but come on, she's not even close as beautiful and smart and stunning as Mexico who was not included in the Top 20 (That one is a big injustice to her and to those other girls like Ukraine and Venzuela who are way attractive than the long-chinned Miss Indonesia. Her inclusion is a clear manipulation of this year's Miss World.

14.) You can bash me or say negative things about what I just said, but this is from my own experience and my own thoughts. In fact, this post is way more civil since I've already rested and had my coffee LOL. Good thing I did not post this last night LOL.

15.) Baltimore it's nice seeing you but I miss Boston and time to go home.........I can't wait for Miss Universe in Manila and hoping for Catriona to join Binibini next year or a year after. She is still young and will be an awesome Miss Universe or even Miss International.

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