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MISS WORLD 2016 | Astrological Predictions - Pageanthology 101

With 117  girls in the pageant, I narrowed down 20 beauties who I think could win. 
Misses Philippines, Mongolia, Cook Islands and China got a guaranteed spots in Top 20 by winning Fast Track Events. 

Here's my final verdict : 

I can sense that the Miss World 2016 winner will be one of these beauties in no particular order : Philippines, Australia, Dominican Republic, Mexico and United States.

Completing the Top 20 are (in particular order)
6. Ukraine
7. India
8. China PR
9. Russia
10. Kenya
11. Indonesia 
12. Mongolia
13. Puerto Rico
14. Brazil
15. Venezuela
16. Cook islands
17. Vietnam
18. Aruba
19. Denmark
20. Uruguay

Possible spoilers : Malaysia, Tanzania, Belarus, Spain, United Kingdom, France, Ireland, Hungary, Czech Republic. 

The new Miss World will win $100,000. May the best woman win!

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