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Mister Model International 2016 | DELEGATES

The 4th edition of Mister Model International Pageant  will be held in India from November 11-20. More than thirty  hunks from all over the world will be flying to the seventh largest country, India.
This is the first edition that the male pageant will take place outside America.
The inaugural edition of the Mister Model International pageant was held in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic on 2013 which was run by the Tim Group headed by Luis Trujillo.

This year, the pageant will take place in India under the Rubaru Group of Sandeep Kumar. This pageant was the first ever international association of Rubaru Group.

Here are the past Mister Model International titleholders:

2015 Puerto Rico : Melvin Roman
2014 Fernando de Noronha : Victor Zanatta
2013 Brazil : Willian Rech

Melvin Román from Puerto Rico, Mister Model International 2015, will crown his successor at the end of the event.

Melvin Roman of Puerto Rico, Mister Model International 2015
Meet the Contestants

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