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Miss Universe "A" Phenomenon!

With regards to the last letter of the name of Miss Universe winners, it turns out letter "A" has a winnable pattern since 2008. It might seem coincidental that the letter "A" in the end of their names seems to be lucky!

2008 Dayana
2009 Stefania 
2010 Ximena 
2011 Leila 
2012 Olivia 
2013 Gabriela 
2014 Paulina 
2015 Pia 

Most of the winners first names ended with letter A! Well, this just pure coincidence of course. Miss Universe queens won on their intelligence, grace and beauty. Nothing paranormal! But is this incredible  "A" pattern mere coincidence... or the hand of fate?
I have checked some of the names of Miss Universe 2016 candidates ending with letter "A". And who knows, one of these girls could be the next Miss Universe and will continue the Letter "A" winning streak.


Antonella, BOLIVIA

Barbara, CROATIA

Martha, MALTA

Deshauna, USA


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