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Ann Lorraine Colis, Ready to Pass On the MISS GLOBE Crown

The globe will have a new queen on November 25, and Ann Lorraine Colis is soaking in every moment she has left with the diamond-clad crown that comes with it.

The Pampanga beauty is now in Albania for upcoming duties and activities as a reigning titleholder of the Miss Globe organization.

"Touched down Albania. My Miss Globe duties continue today. Excited for the upcoming activities before the Miss Globe 2016 pageant starts. First stop, Albania National TV interview. Mermingjesi Shiqpreia! 🌞 #ForThePhilippines"

On October 8, 2015 at the Rose Theatre Brampton in Toronto, Canada, Colis  crowned as Miss Globe 2015. Ann will pass on her title on November 25 in Tirana Albania. This year's edition will be the 43rd wherein all candidates will spend over a week in the eastern Europe’s Balkan Peninsula starting November 13th.

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