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MISS PUERTO RICO Wins Miss Intercontinental 2016!

Heilymar Rosario Velasquez, Miss Puerto Rico was crowned Miss Intercontinental 2016 at the pageant event held in Sri Lanka on October 16th, Sunday at the Cinnamon Hotels and Resorts.

Heilymar Rosario is the third woman from Puerto Rico to win Miss Intercontinental and will now wear the most  luxurious international pageant crown in the world worth $350,000.

credits : Miss Intercontinental facebook

45th Miss Intercontinental 2016 FINAL RESULT:
Winner - Puerto Rico - Heilymar Rosario (Continental Queen North America)
1st runner-up - Sri Lanka - Tracy Ann De Zilva (Continental Queen Asia & Oceania)
2nd runner-up - Ghana - Vera Saphoa (Continental Queen Africa)
3rd runner-up - Italy - Floriana Russo (Continental Queen Europe)
4th runner-up - Venezuela - Amal Karina Nemer (Miss South America)
(Tied for 2nd runner-up : Italy and Ghana. Judges voted for Ghana to take the lead over Italy)
credits : Miss Intercontinental facebook

Top 15 Semi-finalists :
Puerto Rico
Costa Rica
Sri Lanka
Czech Republic

Special Awards :
Best in National Costume : Miss Thailand
Best Body : Miss Costa Rica
Miss Congeniality : Miss Bangladesh
Miss Photogenic : Miss Puerto Rico
Biona Miss Beautiful : Miss Venezuela
Cinnamon Miss Popularity : Miss Myanmar
Miss Hospitality : Miss Seychelles

Miss Intercontinental is an annual international beauty contest run by the World Beauty Organization that is located in Panama City (Panama). The contest was founded in 1973, in Aruba. In 1993 a German organization took over the Miss Intercontinental pageant which has been held in that country until 2003, and afterwards in other countries around the world.

Heilymar Rosario 

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