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VIDEO : The Pinoy Fascination with Beauty Pageants


 The Philippines is one of a few countries in the world where beauty pageants are taken seriously, so much so that a Filipino victory in international contests like Miss Universe is a source of national pride. Other cultures see them as exploitative of women, but beauty pageants are widely popular in the Philippines. Barnaby Lo met ardent fans whose worlds would stop when a pageant takes place, and a girl who is training hard to become a beauty queen someday. - CCTV News

What is it with Filipinos and beauty pageants?
Beauty contests are just about everywhere in the Philippines,
Whether at home or abroad, only Filipinos can claim that their love of beauty pageants and singing contests is a significant part of the culture. Perhaps as a form of madness or idle pastime, for Filipinos beauty contests produce beauty queens who are admired and treated like stars or celebrities wherever they go.

Filipino fans' reaction when Miss Philippines Maria Venus Raj Made it in Miss Universe Semi-finals 

Whatever we may feel and think about beauty pageants, one thing is for sure: for as long as Filipinos love to see beauty, are entertained by the thrill of competition, and are appreciative of a good pageant that showcases lovely gowns, dances, and songs – beauty pageants in the Philippines are here to stay!

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