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OPINION : Formal Crowning Awaits Catriona Gray | Miss World Philippines 2016

Are we just waiting for a formal crowning ceremony? And will she take home the second ever Miss World title for the Philippines?
Yes, she is a clear winner! (Opinion)

After all the brouhaha, the super-goddess and top model Catriona Gray confirmed that she will be among the candidates of Miss World Philippines 2016.

The 22-year-old Fil-Australian model, along with her four  Aces and Queens sisters, was present at the inaugural screening of Miss World Philippines last August 18 at the B Hotel in Quezon City.

Team Aces and Queens

Despite her career in modelling, she still opted to pursue her " beauty queen dream" despite its "many risks."

She's the favorite of the media! She's the favorite of Filipino pageant enthusiasts.
She hardly made a  noise on social media : foreign and local!

Miss Gray has all the guts to  represent the country in the 68th edition of the international pageant in Washington DC, which will be held in December.

We believe that Catriona has what it takes to win the title as she possesses beauty, glamor and wit. But we cannot say for sure that it is going to be a sure win for this stunning lady since there are a lot of Filipinas who are equally beautiful, glamorous and smart. But for Pageanthology 101, she's a clear winner! We do wish her good luck!


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